Digital blueprint roadmaps: Helping water utilities reach their strategic goals

Binnies Digital Products and Services Director, Chris Steele, and Jesper Kjeld, Chief Digital Information Officer from Aarhus Vand, Denmark’s leading water utility company, explain exactly what a digital blueprint is and why it is of value to a water utility company. 

A digital blueprint can be defined as a plan for successfully and sustainably implementing digital technologies and processes within an organisation. It should form a link between digital initiatives and those of the business that helps to ensure they are aligned across short-, medium- and long-term time horizons. 

It recognises the need for line of sight between the decisions a water utility makes and the data necessary to make them. It is not an objective, but a necessary and vital means for achieving business goals. It is dynamic and needs to adapt in response to changes in the business environment, market conditions, workforce and regulations. 

Creating a digital blueprint requires an understanding of the organisation’s current digital maturity. For most organisations, their digital journey has already started, and understanding the current maturity level is key to evaluating success resulting from the digital transformation. Digital Readiness Level (DRL) is a tool that organisations can use to evaluate maturity across six key areas including organisational intent, standards and governance, digital architecture, data quality, implementation roadmap and digital investment planning. 

Together, Chris and Jesper have put together a story map that considers why you might have a digital blueprint, what the components should be and where to start. In the article, Chris and Jesper explain how they have begun to deliver a digital blueprint across Aarhus Vand, which wants to take the lead and make a difference when it comes to shaping tomorrow’s water solutions. The company is focusing its efforts on exploiting digital technology to achieve sustainable growth by ensuring that quality data form a key part of their decision-making process and are available at the point of need in an intuitive and integrated way. A digital blueprint has been central in structuring the realisation of Aarhus Vand’s digital strategy and ensuring that it, as a business, “does the right things and does those things right”.  

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