IAM UK Chapter Conference 2022

Published 25 October 2022

Event Date: Wednesday, 23 November – Thursday, 24 November 2022

The Institute of Asset Management are holding their annual UK Chapter Conference at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham.

The conference addresses the topical theme ‘What does Climate Emergency mean for Asset Management?’

  • How do we adapt our assets to reduce their environmental impacts whilst increasing their resilience?
  • We have large asset portfolios, so where do we start?
  • How do we plan for likely future scenarios and build the business case for investment?

The IAM UK Chapter Conference will explore these topics and bring together many leading minds in this space including Dean Beamish, Principal Asset Management Consultant, Binnies UK Ltd co-presenting with Dale Gibbons, Asset Management Lead for FCRM in Cumbria & Lancashire from the Environment Agency on “Digital Asset Management Plans for the Environment Agency – Planning for Climate Uncertainty.”

Through the creation of dynamic asset management plans (AMP), Dean has enabled his client to see and understand multiple sources of data in a single place. This has provided useful insights drawn particularly from the innovative use of geospatial mapping to view the asset inventory, condition, criticality and risk which has enabled informed investment planning decisions.

Come along to gain insights into the AMPs evolution, and the collaborative approach which delivered these powerful, interactive, scalable tools. Dean and Dale will provide an appreciation of the challenge, the key components to building a dynamic AMP, and how to embed and sustain this new decision-making capability within a highly complex and environmentally susceptible asset rich organisation.

Dean has over 18 years’ experience in strategic and tactical asset planning within the water, wastewater and environmental sectors. He has held senior asset planning manager positions in water and wastewater asset planning teams for multiple UK utility companies, working collaboratively across all levels to implement best practice, specialising in data-driven asset management solutions. He is fulfilled by making a real contribution to the quality of local places, for the benefit of local people and the wider environment.

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