Artificial eye on hard hat enables real-time sharing of data during site visits

Over the last year and a half, everyone has experienced the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Binnies is no exception. When the pandemic hit in 2020, the company faced the challenge of maintaining business as usual for critical waste and clean water treatment plants across the UK.

To help meet this challenge, Paul Booth, Chief Mechanical Engineer, visited three Southern Water sites to trial a new helmet-mounted camera that enables one person to visit a site and project a live feed to the group of people responsible for the site inspection.

The front-facing camera is mounted at eye level on a construction site helmet and enables a remote team to see exactly what the surveyor is viewing in real time. The camera interacts with Microsoft software so footage that can be streamed directly to a Teams meeting and remote meeting attendees can take part in the site visit to direct areas of focus and ensure all possible technical input.

Artificial eye on hard hat enables real-time sharing of data during site visits

The surveyor can take pictures and videos, and record audio hands free using a built-in voice command. The ability to organise the data during product use reduces post-meeting processing time. The meeting is recorded as both an audio and a visual record.

The picture quality from the site was so good that it has made Binnies question whether it needs to revert to old ways of working after the pandemic. The ability of a small camera to create an immersive experience for anyone wishing to survey a site meant that not only was Binnies meeting the challenges of COVID-19 and social distancing it was also saving travel time and lowering its carbon footprint. Meetings have also become more productive, as the company can now survey many sites in one day if multiple engineers go individually to multiple different sites.

Artificial eye on hard hat enables real-time sharing of data during site visits

Binnies has since conducted remote dam inspections in Hong Kong to enable UK dam engineers to inspect dams remotely, which has proved invaluable due to flight restrictions and has also eliminated the need for travel between UK and Hong Kong. This is helping the company’s sustainability targets immensely.

Binnies also sees opportunities for using the device for training purposes, testing and commissioning and is excited to develop the use of this device further. The company is already planning to roll it out to additional site teams and investigate further use cases of this technology such as augmented reality.

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