Binnies strengthens its operations and maintenance team

Rob Knight joins Binnies from Southern Water, where he was a process lead in the water resources and production team. Rob has spent over two decades in the water industry in a variety of process and operational management roles in both water supply and wastewater. He also has a keen interest in smart networks and transformation, having worked on a collaborative international project with Veolia and IBM.

Rob started his career as a technical assistant in the water quality department at Mid Southern Water, now South East Water, supporting the delivery of its plumbosolvency dosing programme to control the concentration of lead in drinking water. Following several process roles with South East Water and Southern Water, Rob ventured into the “dark side” of wastewater process. Rob says, “I’m a bit of a rare breed, having extensive experience in both clean and wastewater”. After a spell in client management with 4Delivery, Southern Water’s industry-leading capital delivery joint venture, Rob went on to support the provision of water and wastewater services to the army on Salisbury Plain with Veolia Outsourcing. Rob’s main achievements were to rationalise the use of and reliance on subcontractors and begin the implementation of a robust asset management strategy.

Rob has joined Binnies’ rapidly growing operations and maintenance team that works with clients to help transform their approach to become more proactive and predictive in the care of their assets. Leveraging internal relationships within the asset management and wider Binnies teams, the team also aims to include innovative methods of monitoring and maintaining equipment with engineering expertise and analytics to ensure clients’ customers are not affected by unavailability of the services they have come to expect.

Rob Knight

“Clients are under an obligation to deliver good quality drinking water and dispose of wastewater in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, without increasing the costs to their customers. Being more proactive in the operation and maintenance of their services will enable them to deliver these services better and minimise the impacts to their customers,” said Keith Hamilton, Operations and Maintenance Principal Consultant. “Maintenance is a necessary operational activity and over time, the focus has been to try and reduce costs by reducing maintenance. It has been proven that this method does not really work and increases business costs. With this in mind, we have developed and continue to refine a smarter approach to operating and maintaining assets using various tools and techniques to carry out interventions on assets early, thus preventing catastrophic failure and the potential for higher associated remedial costs. With Rob joining the team, we can utilise his experience to build on what we have developed so far, while using his knowledge of Southern Water to get some insights that may not have normally been available to us in terms of the company’s working practices. These developments will enable the team to grow over the coming period, to deliver existing and new projects as they materialise.”

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At Binnies, we create new possibilities for humanity through our innovative approach to delivery. Backed by a culture that has stayed true since the company’s founding over 100 years ago, Binnies develops intelligent water and environmental solutions using a whole-life-cycle approach to deliver functional infrastructure and lasting environmental and social legacies. We strive to elevate the quality of life for our local communities today and for generations to come.

Binnies is an RSK group company and was formerly part of Black & Veatch.

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