O&M team holds first team building workshop

As the operations and maintenance team at Binnies UK has considerably expanded in the last year and Adam Johnson has been appointed as the new Head of Operations and Maintenance, a two-day team building workshop was held in Liverpool City Centre in March. The objective was to bring the team together for the first time, as many of them had been unacquainted due to the pandemic. Adam set the vision for his new team and talked about the emerging strategy that he was developing for expanding the group even further, taking some of the great ideas and innovations it is currently delivering to Binnies’ other key clients. Most importantly, the two days provided the opportunity to focus on health and wellbeing and mental positivity for a group in the midst of an exciting and busy time.

As the company has seen a 30% increase in workload over the last year and multiple high-profile frameworks are in the core delivery stage, opportunities to bring together and energise teams like this are extremely important in order to maintain a high level of staff morale and re-galvanise people’s desire to succeed.

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The workshop highlighted the importance of face-to-face team building, especially after having experienced a remote working culture over the last two years that has been forcedly implemented across the globe due to the pandemic. As we continue to expand our business across a multitude of different sectors and start to return to our offices, it is important that our staff feel adjusted to the new societal challenges facing us as we enter a new world of working post-pandemic.

Binnies places its employees’ mental health at the very top of its priorities. We believe that in order to create a healthy work environment, we must have in place suitable resources, knowledge and experience to help our staff with any mental health issues they may be experiencing. For this reason, Binnies enlisted the help of two former premiership rugby professionals turned motivational speakers to give a presentation on their experiences and struggles with mental health and how these can affect any one of us. These valuable insights from two highly knowledgeable individuals, presenting on behalf of the charity State of Mind, had a clear and visible impact on the team and reinforced the positive message of looking out for your fellow colleagues and manifesting a healthy headspace.

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