Remarkable success at the Martin Barnes Awards 2022

Binnies is delighted to announce its success at the 2022 NEC Martin Barnes Awards (formerly known as the NEC Awards). The Tung Chung Sewage Rising Main project in Hong Kong was named Water Contract of the Year and the Anderson Road Grey Water Treatment Plant project was highly commended in the category of Sustainability and Climate Resilience. These were excellent results for the project teams and it is a great achievement for Binnies to have won acclaim under two categories in this esteemed award.

The Tung Chung Sewage Rising Main project will ensure the resilience of the sewage infrastructure to cope with increasing sewerage demand after completion of Hong Kong International Airport’s third runway and the expansion of Tung Chung New Town via the construction of a new 6.5-km-long rising main in Lantau Island.

The award showed how the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) Government’s Drainage Services Department, Binnies and the contractor worked collaboratively to tackle various constraints at the early stage of the project. The partnering culture enabled the project team to make quick decisions and promptly react to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the ongoing construction activities. A digital inspection system was implemented to share site information instantly and streamline the communication process. The project also implemented an early warning mechanism, which enabled risks to be identified in advance to avoid disruption to the critical works. In addition, the project team worked closely and proactively in optimising design solutions and construction planning to enhance construction performance and efficiency, which has resulted in early project completion with cost savings.

Remarkable success at the Martin Barnes Award
The Tung Chung Sewage Rising Main Project Team celebrating its achievements at the awards ceremony.

Further to winning the ICE Chris Binnie Award last year, the grey water treatment plant being developed at the Anderson Road Quarry site, a Hong Kong SAR Government Water Supplies Department project, was once again highly commended for its sustainability and resilience to climate change.

The proposed grey water treatment plant forms part of the first district-based grey water recycling system in Hong Kong to treat and supply grey water for toilet-flushing and other non-potable purposes. The project team emphasised mutual trust and demonstrated effective collaboration in the application of new technologies to reach carbon reduction goals. As one of the pilot projects in Hong Kong, the grey water treatment plant has adopted digital twin technology for smart monitoring and optimising control of the treatment process, which will enable the reduction of its carbon footprint in the long run. The project team worked collaboratively in the selection, calibration, testing and commissioning and operation of the systems to maximise the performance of the plant, which will contribute to the long-term sustainability of the water supply in Hong Kong.

Binnies is thrilled that the active adoption of the New Engineering Contract in a diverse range of projects to enhance collaboration has once again been recognised. We will continue to explore effective platforms to enhance management efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our projects.

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