#RSKGetCreative Employees’ Choice Award Winner Hazel Wong at the COP26 event

Assistant Environmental Scientist Hazel Wong of Binnies Hong Kong, who RSK group employees selected as the RSK GetCreative Employees’ Choice Award winner, was given the opportunity to attend the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, UK, in November.

Travelling is a challenge with the latest pandemic restrictions, but, with the help and thoughtful arrangements of the RSK GetCreative team, Hazel managed to join the RSK COP26 team to take part in the world’s most important climate-related conference and meet other RSK GetCreative COP26 competition finalists.

On her arrival in Stirling on the first day, there was a dinner with the RSK COP26 team, including the RSK board members and Chief Executive Officer Alan Ryder. All the RSK GetCreative competition finalists had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their entry about sustainability to the dinner guests.

#RSKGetCreative Employees’ Choice Award Winner Hazel Wong at the COP26 event

“We had a very fruitful dinner. Other than talking about my work at Binnies Hong Kong and my passion for sustainability, I also got career advice from the RSK team. I did a lot of sharing about Hong Kong as well. It was nice that the guests were very interested in my hometown and I really enjoyed spending time exchanging ideas and information with people from different cultures,” recalls Hazel.

The highlight of the trip came on the second day when Hazel joined the RSK-hosted, full-day conference alongside COP26. A comprehensive range of topics, including biodiversity, carbon management, sustainability in the construction, banking/finance and fashion industries, and changing human behaviours were discussed.

#RSKGetCreative Employees’ Choice Award Winner Hazel Wong at the COP26 event

“Apart from the many world leaders and local government representatives getting together at the COP26 event to discuss joint efforts for tackling climate change issues, it was very impressive that many companies also came to learn about and be inspired by new ideas and initiatives on sustainability. COP26 has definitely provided an effective platform for environmental businesses like RSK to initiate dialogues and give advice and suggestions to clients,” she adds.

“Personally, I learned a lot at the RSK conference. RSK’s reporting approach to global emissions is eye opening for me. The company aims to be the pioneer in reporting on businesses’ impacts on global biodiversity, which is something not often discussed in the global reporting standards and would certainly provide a wider perspective on the effects of carbon emissions on the environment. In addition, I was made aware that RSK has secured a funding boost to its business through the largest private credit backed sustainability linked loan, which shows beyond doubt its determination and commitment to meet its sustainability targets. I am very proud to be part of the RSK family.”

After the COP26 conference, all the participants were invited to stay at Argrennan House, a historic country house RSK recently purchased. The debriefing after COP26 included talks about carbon offsetting and biodiversity management. There was also a discussion on how to make Argrennan House more sustainable.

#RSKGetCreative Employees’ Choice Award Winner Hazel Wong at the COP26 event

“Staying in the Argrennan House was such a fun and exciting experience. I stayed in a very stylish room and had the chance to walk around a 47-acre garden with a beautiful private river frontage. The discussion about turning the house into a sustainable set-up was very interesting. Although there are lots of constraints to achieving this, we still managed to come up with various innovative methods and solutions. One of the solutions was to convert the house into an RSK environmental education centre that would create employment opportunities for the surrounding neighbourhood and develop educational opportunities for society. I really look forward to visiting a more sustainable Argrennan House.

“Traveling to Glasgow for the COP26 event is definitely the best and most fruitful trip I ever had. I am so thankful for the opportunity that RSK gave to me and for the support from Binnies Hong Kong in making this happen,” Hazel concludes.

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