Our Culture and Values

We are delighted to profile the Binnies name again in the global water and environmental sectors and we are proud of our heritage and history.

Moving forward, we want to balance the heritage of our brand with our aspirations for growth and excellence. Our mission, vision and values align with the nine guiding principles of the RSK group, which include a commitment to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Against the backdrop of a demanding and challenging world, our culture, which is focused on providing engineering excellence that preserves and enhances the environments in which we operate, will enable us to deliver successfully and sustainably for our clients and our business. At Binnies, we want to create a future of positive influence that we can reflect on in later years with pride.



To be a world-leader in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions in the water and environmental sectors.




We collaborate with our clients and partners and empower our staff to deliver safer, smarter and more sustainable solutions to improve the lives of every person in our communities whilst supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Our behaviours

Our actions and behaviours create lasting impacts for our stakeholders. That is why we have created engaged – a behaviour-based programme around the values that matter the most to Binnies. We all have individual talents and behaviour preferences and we are all capable of great things, but it is when we work together, pulling from and enabling our different strengths, listening to and building on each other’s contributions, that we go from great to truly amazing achievements.

Engaged banner - our culture and values Engaged banner

We are engaged

Our engaged principles enable us to perform better. Hear from us why and how:

Binnies is part of the RSK group of companies

The RSK group is a leading integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business offering bespoke end-to-end solutions to a variety of sectors. Headquartered in the UK but with an established presence throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, RSK helps organisations around the world achieve their business aspirations in a sustainable and efficient manner.