Chris Steele, Digital Products and Services Director

Asset Optimisation

All sectors are facing challenges to their business models as they are asked to provide better value for money and societal and environmental benefits while providing a better service to their customers. Utility and infrastructure organisations are challenged by ageing infrastructure, ineffective data management and unnecessary spending on maintenance. At Binnies we provide clearly defined strategies with systems and processes that allow for effective operationalisation of clients’ assets.

In the water sector, we are currently working on Yorkshire Water’s Dynamic Maintenance Planning Programme (DMPP), one of the first and largest programmes of its kind. We have produced a condition-based maintenance programme grounded in failure modes and including operations and maintenance (O&M) buy-in. This approach means that time and money is focused on ensuring process and asset outputs are maintained to reduce asset outages. We utilise innovative mobile technologies such as iPads with Bluebeam software that enables live updates to a dynamic asset database. Our teams in the field use mobile devices to access the condition-based maintenance programme, which guides the maintenance activities, thus resulting in an about 30% decrease in reactive O&M interventions.

As a result of the COVID pandemic, many working practices have had to change. In addition to making the best use of collaborative platforms, our asset optimisation team maximised the opportunity to continue programmes of work by avoiding multiple visual on-site assessments through utilising new 3D-camera scanning. The images are uploaded to our 3D model; this reduces the need for site visits and provides a record that operations can use to virtually access their site and retrieve O&M reports and condition information linked to the 3D model. Key site data can be depicted using the model if desired, thus making it an interactive tool to explore the asset.

Benefits were also realised in reduced travel and carbon footprint. As a result, this mode of working, coupled with on-site visits only when a project requires them, has become the norm for the delivery of maintenance transformation projects at Binnies.

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