Binnies UK Jo Kelsey, Digital Products and Services Manager


In an increasingly complex digital world, it makes little sense to go it alone. At Binnies, we believe that collaboration is key to unlocking innovative digital value creation. We combine our diverse engineering and environmental expertise with leading-edge digital capabilities to create an industry-leading, market-ready intelligent ecosystem of solutions that we call ECO-X. This ecosystem is a place for our digital technology partners to work with us and results in an integrated suite of products and services designed to meet our clients’ needs.

Our mission is to leverage the value of data-driven decisions at every point of the asset life cycle and thus to equip our clients with the ability to proactively manage and predict the performance of their critical infrastructure. From idea to solution, or project to enterprise-wide digital transformation, we have the skills and technology to help digitally transform your business.

We work with our clients using design thinking and agile methodologies to gain in-depth understanding of key challenges and priorities. This collaborative approach ensures we develop digital strategies and solutions that truly add value. Recent examples include the creation and implementation of an enterprise-wide digital blueprint with Aarhus Vand, Denmark; the deployment of our operational intelligence platform HELIX to predictively monitor asset performance for Yorkshire Water, UK; and our intelligent dam monitoring system, iDMS, that combines satellite imagery with artificial intelligence services to remotely track changes in dam and reservoir condition for the Canal & River Trust, UK.

ECO-X not only brings together solutions created by Binnies Digital and its ecosystem technology partners but also those third-party tools and applications our clients already use. Our digital products and services team are vendor and technology agnostic in recognition that only a suite of diverse integrated solutions can effectively manage today’s diverse integrated infrastructure.

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