Chris Steele, Digital Products and Services Director

Data Science

Every business, water utility and environmental organisation is a decision-making factory. Decisions are made, moment by moment, relating to investment, asset/environmental management, maintenance, operations and responding to customers’ needs. There is an ever-increasing volume of data that can inform these decisions, whether they are automated decisions made by a control system or interventions made by people. Data science supports effective decision-making by finding patterns in data sets that are so large, especially when combined with other sets, that those patterns would be invisible without big-data technologies. Extracting insights and value from data to support better decisions will positively impact on all aspects of our clients’ businesses.

Data science brings together understandings of statistical and/or geospatial analysis, programming and technology to interrogate data. This combination of skills enables our data scientists to extract and transform large time series and geospatial data sets into technology platforms where advanced analysis can be undertaken using statistical techniques, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

At Binnies, we understand the value of data and the importance of ‘the human in the loop’. Big data technologies offer the potential to uncover groundbreaking insights, but these can be compromised by poor quality data or data that are not representative of typical behaviour. Our data scientists have the engineering expertise and work with our data scientists and engineering subject matter experts to optimise the quality of analysis. We understand the importance of incorporating this specialist understanding and the wealth of knowledge in our clients’ businesses into data analysis and analytics. We offer a range of data-science services, including geospatial and timeseries data science.

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