Chris Steele, Digital Products and Services Director

Digital Blueprints

The uptake of digital technologies represents the fourth wave of the industrial revolution. Artificial intelligence, big data and advanced robotics offer step changes in every aspect of business operations. Digital technology is key to enabling a business to meet increasingly demanding regulatory requirements and the challenges associated with reducing carbon emissions and increasing climate-change resilience. In the midst of so much opportunity and fast-paced technology development, it is crucial that a business has a digital vision.

In any organisation, the vision for digital transformation must align across the business. Digital aspirations must support overall business objectives and cascade to each layer of the business in a way that is easily understood and can be acted on.

At Binnies, we understand the real impact that digital technology can have on different areas of water and environmental organisations’ operations. We support our clients, helping them to define goals and create an achievable roadmap. The roadmap will set a series of objectives that can be achieved within short-, medium- and long-term timescales. For each time horizon, the roadmap will specify objectives that provide clear direction and a way to measure success. Each timescale leverages the accumulating experience and maturity that develops through the business. Through understanding the ‘art of the possible’ and drawing on our experience of digital transformation, we enable the creation of an achievable plan that stays honest to your overall strategic vision. For example, we delivered a digital blueprint across Aarhus Vand that has been central in structuring the realisation of their digital strategy.

Delivering the digital blueprint will require building digital capability: the capability to do, to buy and to integrate digital solutions. Binnies will guide you by providing insights into how to create a supporting digital ecosystem of expert practitioners, services and products; this starts with our proven Digital Readiness Assessment. Our experience will help you to determine how and when to increase internal digital capabilities and support you in the procurement of new digital services and products. We offer the opportunity to accelerate your organisation’s digital transformation by drawing on our digital ecosystem knowledge.

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