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With the ever-increasing advances in technology, our clients anticipate great things from digitalisation, data analytics and smart tools. Clients want to become ‘intelligent’, so we are increasingly finding ourselves in discussions about how best to achieve data- and insight-driven outperformance of financial and operational targets.

The volume of data accessible to our clients is potentially overwhelming. In addition, there are costs to capturing, storing and accessing each data set.

We are using powerful analytics, satellite technology and artificial intelligence to monitor millions of data points for combining new and historic data to analyse asset performance. This approach, combined with the flexibility to add new data systems, offers a holistic view of an entire asset base, which helps to prioritise investment requirements.

Technology alone is, however, insufficient. The most successful smart asset management and maintenance programmes blend human and technological excellence. Dynamic maintenance needs to be grounded in the deep institutional knowledge of an asset base that can only come from the people who design, build and operate it. Using our more than 100 years of engineering experience, we have developed a cost-effective, cloud-based suite of digital products that combines engineering expertise with data-driven insights.

Our products enable our clients to define the data that best support their business goals. Failure to achieve this previously has resulted in data gathering initiatives that cost more than the savings they were expected to yield.

Access to our technology platforms enables organisations to look across asset and data life cycles holistically, which offers considerably more potential to meet and sustain service levels at the optimum cost risk.

In an increasingly diverse and connected world, it makes little sense to go it alone. Through our digital performance intelligence ecosystem, we have created a place for our digital technology partners to work with us and that provides a connected suite of products and services designed to meet our clients’ needs.

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Integrated mobile and office data capture, assurance and verification platform enabling efficient site work.

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Combining deep institutional knowledge with AI, HELIX can support your business to maximise the value from the asset base.

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Reduce the risk of catastrophic failure and drive large-scale operational efficiencies through remote sensing and data analytics.

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TOTEX Efficiency Diagnostics delivers financial expenditure understanding across an entire business.

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Using Geospatial Analytics and Data Science to undertake robust, auditable economic flood modelling at an individual asset level.

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Programme Risk Optimisation and Visualisation Engine supports delivery teams in understanding and mitigating risk.

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Pipeline Route Optimisation Method uses Geospatial algorithms to make linear routing decisions.

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For any asset-intensive organisation, understanding data quality is a key component of the digital driven, informed decision-making process.

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Combining Process Flow diagrams and Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams for individual assets into a single solution.

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Predictive - no background


Quantifying the balance between Reactive and Proactive Maintenance using predictive analytics and simulations.

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Automated flood risk and impact quantification delivering reliable, repeatable, assured assessments efficiently.

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Automated model input generation taking the manual time and effort out of model build whilst improving quality.

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A strategy, planning & assurance decision support tool enabling asset owners to understand risk and prioritise asset investment.

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