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DamBreak automated flood risk quantification

The Environment Agency’s Reservoir Flood Mapping Specification (Version 1.0.1 July 2016) is an English standard that requires that all reservoir flood mapping projects be carried out in the same way and that all project deliverables be delivered in that same way. Adopted by many countries worldwide, the standard defines everything from the inputs to the delivery folder and the data naming structure. Templates are also available for how mapping and calculation outputs should be presented.

The digital products and services team at Binnies set about understanding and automating the process wherever possible to create a repeatable, auditable and efficient toolbox. Our approach uses off-the-shelf software, bespoke scripts and timely manual interventions to ensure high-quality outputs. Each step was assessed and, where possible, tools were created and combined to form an end-to-end process.

Key benefits

Time to input key parameters and run tool



Time saved per dam in producing hydraulic model input files



Time saved per dam in processing model results and producing consequence metrics


<4-6 HOURS

Time required to rerun data, as process and calculations are undertaken the same way for every run



Key details

  • Uses geospatial analysis and national datasets to build hydraulic model inputs such as flood envelopes and cross sections
  • Processes 6 model outputs into the 13 or more assessment outputs, sometimes deriving additional outputs or combining different scenarios
  • Carries out consequence analysis to determine information such as populations and properties at risk
  • Creates 10 high-resolution maps per scenario
  • Structures, names and uses data, as the specification requires

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