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iDMS intelligent dam monitoring

Reduce the risk of catastrophic failure and drive large-scale operational efficiencies through remote sensing and data analytics.

Binnies intelligent dam monitoring system, iDMS, empowers operators to dynamically manage the integrity and safety of their entire asset base: remotely, at scale and cost-effectively. It tracks unusual changes in ground motion, vegetation and moisture using satellite and multiple data feeds combined with advanced artificial intelligence. Retrospective and current analysis build a unique picture over time. Access our interactive platform for frequent, accurate insights and alerts on anomalous activity, without the need for site inspections.

Key features – continuously monitor all dams for:


Improved safety

Improved safety

  • → Reduce the risk of failure

  • → Meet safety and regulatory needs

  • → Lower health and safety risks

  • → Demonstrate a duty of care


Engineering issues

Engineering issues

  • → Identify potential failures

  • → Track evolving issues

  • → Assess remote areas

  • → Prioritise engineer deployment




  • → Cut non-targeted inspection and maintenance costs

  • → Prioritise capital and operating expenditure

  • → Drive operational efficiencies

Build a full risk profile
  • → Unique historic and current view
  • → Track anomalous changes
  • → Monitor all dams
  • → Ideal for remote locations
Track issues between surveys
  • → Frequent, accurate insights
  • → Correlate trend data
  • → Alerts of unusual changes
  • → Millimetre accuracy
Deploy to the right place
  • → Define precise risk areas
  • → Direct investigation and maintenance teams
  • → Focus on maximum impact
  • → Remote data collection

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