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Intelligent P&IDs

Binnies has put intelligent piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) at the heart of its digital engineering process. Intelligent P&IDs link the schematic views of the process on the traditional process flow diagrams and P&IDs with the associated attribute information relevant to each asset type.

Key features

These P&ID diagrams and the associated schedules capture the agreed design, so, a core part of our digital engineering approach is to make them accessible throughout a project’s life cycle. The associated schedules (valve, pump, instrument, pipeline, etc.) are generated from the P&ID database for the design team to develop and feedback system changes and developments. Tendering schedules and turnover package workbooks are automatically generated as Excel spreadsheets. In this workflow, changes are captured in the central database and then communicated quickly to the disciplines and subcontractors, thus enabling the entire team to maintain one version of the truth.

Key benefits

At the end of a project, the output from the database is available to the client as part of the as-constructed data. This facilitates the aims of the digital engineering philosophy – adding value to data and information as they pass through the life cycle of the asset.