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Programme Risk Optimisation and Visualisation Engine supports delivery teams in understanding and mitigating risk

The programme risk optimisation and visualisation engine (PROVE) enables water industry programme managers to visualise their programmes like never before. It makes identifying and mitigating risks, and optimising a programme based on proximity simple through an intuitive geospatial view.

PROVE makes programmes accessible to all by taking tasks out of the Gantt chart and into the real world using 3D geospatial objects and time sliders to ensure everyone can view and understand the programme and its risks.

PROVE was born out of a need to minimise the risk of interruption to customer supply resulting from the cumulative project impacts of a capital works programme. The client was Bristol Water and the programme was its AMP5 capital expenditure programme.

Programmes can be complex. It takes experience and training to fully understand them and draw out conflicts in time. Conflicts in space are virtually impossible to identify. Binnies (then Black & Veatch) was tasked with easily demonstrating overlapping temporal and geographic project risks while maintaining central programme management. The project had a limited budget and a short time frame and would run during a continually live programme.

The solution was a tool that directly connects with programme software (for example, MS Project) and identifies task overlaps in both time and space. These overlaps are represented temporally in 3D in a geographical context using Google Earth. The output includes a calculation of consequence using sensitive customer data.

Using PROVE, planners can visualise risks and consequences for any time period in their programme horizon. By doing so, they can quickly understand and visualise the complexity of all the influencing factors.

Key features

PROVE turns a Gantt chart programme into a simple to understand, highly visual output. The Gantt chart programme operates as before; the user simply adds information to state that a task is site related and provides the site asset IDs. Otherwise, the programme is used normally. Tasks can be added, moved, linked and progressed as they would normally. PROVE is currently built to use MS Project but could easily be revised to utilise other task-based inputs such as Primavera P6.

The PROVE engine is where the tasks are turned into geography. The user is guided through the modifications they can make, from colour banding to height exaggeration. The engine includes site information and anonymised customer information to create the PROVE output.

The PROVE output is a Google Earth file. As a powerful, free viewer Google Earth, gives users the ability to view the information in the way they want, from individual detailed sites to overviews. With the inbuilt time slider, users can also see specific weeks or watch the full programme develop in front of them.

PROVE takes little time to integrate into a programme. Once integrated, each PROVE run takes one to five minutes, depending on the number of tasks, assets and output options selected. Once generated, the visualisation file is licence free and can be shared widely or restricted.

The PROVE output has found uses across its users’ businesses:

  • Scheduling teams can clearly understand and mitigate risks.
  • Project managers can coordinate projects to optimise costs.
  • Leadership teams can see what work is scheduled to take place in a given period.

Key benefits

Improved decision-making

PROVE releases programmes from schedulers and into an intuitive, clear and concise environment where decisions can easily be made.

Customisable analysis

The PROVE toolbox offers customised outputs emphasising customers, scenarios or outcomes.

Better understanding

Programme risks can be better understood in relation to each other, both spatially and temporally. Individual project information is viewable thereby making immediate action possibleAnyone in a clients organisation can understand what is going on when and where. This enables them to clearly understand risk and mitigate it where possible. PROVE integrates into their existing process, as it does not require additional software or significant extra input. 

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