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SubCatchment Generator

Automated model input generation taking the manual time and effort out of model build whilst improving quality.

Binnies’ digital products and services team focuses on delivering tangible benefits for clients and likes nothing more than a challenge. The SubCatchment generator is exactly that, a challenge set when someone said, “This is an art rather than science and cannot be automated.”

The result is an automated tool that aimed to automate the model catchment generation process by 80%. The results have shown the tool has achieved 95% success and has significantly reduced manual involvement in the creation of subcatchment polygons.

Key details

Need: When building a sewer system network model for, for example, drainage area plans, one of the most time-consuming and difficult task is defining the catchment areas, otherwise known as subcatchments, and the percentage of impermeable surfaces within them.

Challenge: The task of creating subcatchments involves dividing complex network catchments into smaller manhole-based subcatchments. A complex set of rules is used to define divisions and determine impermeable areas. This can be an extremely time-consuming when carried out using traditional manual methods.

Solution: A toolbox was created that uses set inputs and applies a hierarchical set of business rules to generate model-ready subcatchments. An analysis is undertaken to build a subcatchment based on all roofs, roads, paths, property boundaries and any other semipermeable and impermeable areas within a manhole drainage area. Subcatchments are automatically measured and codes are assigned to create a network-model-ready file.

Key benefits

  • Time savings of >80% – the model rather than the modeller generates subcatchments
  • Improved modelling –more detailed catchments provide better representations of run-off
  • Consistency – all catchments based on the same rules because judgement is removed
SubCatchment automated model catchment generation

SubCatchment automated model catchment generation

SubCatchment automated model catchment generation

SubCatchment automated model catchment generation

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