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TOTEX Efficiency Diagnostics

Delivering financial expenditure understanding across an entire business

Born from a simple requirement to understand all aspects of financial expenditure, i.e. total expenditure, TOTEX efficiency diagnostics (TED) deliver insights across an entire business. TED supports the effective application of a company’s TOTEX solutions hierarchy and is easily configurable to every company’s methodologies and data sets.

TED provides business intelligence tailored to roles and business units, and has descriptive and predictive analytics enabling scenario testing. It is available as standalone option or will integrate with clients’ technology stack and is deployable at the local or enterprise level at an affordable cost.

“The combination of focus on customers, outcomes and TOTEX means huge scope for productivity gains in the sector. It is clear that the TOTEX and outcomes framework can deliver even more in the next control period than in the current period.”

David Black, Interim Chief Executive, Ofwat

Key features

TED is a web-based application providing a customisable role-based reporting layer. It can handle client data securely in native formats and can use static or dynamic data sources. Ad hoc reporting is easily created, along with customisable key performance indicators. Display outputs are through the business intelligence interface provided or can be integrated into the client’s business intelligence interface.

TED’s user-focused design means that it does not need ‘experts’ to use it.

Key benefits

Single version of the truth

Readily available role-based business intelligence

Testing of scenarios from programme down to project level

Line of sight from project up to portfolio

Capacity release as a result of information generation efficiency

Testing of delivery scenarios and their impacts on performance commitments and outcome delivery incentives

Incentives (outcome delivery incentives)

Links between capital and operational expenditure impacts shown in one environment

Visibility of project and programme performance against business plan and programme baselines

Insights to drive efficiency in project and programme delivery

Early engagement with operations to project solutions (visibility throughout the project life cycle)

Subscribing to TED

TED is modular; customers can subscribe to the modules they require for as long as they require.

→ MODULE 1 ←


  • → Software as a service (SaaS) and software updates

  • → Client data entry and technical input

→ MODULE 2 ←


  • → SaaS and software updates

  • → Binnies’ professional service

  • → Planned project data validation service

→ MODULE 3 ←


  • → SaaS and software updates

  • → Binnies’ professional service

  • → Use of sensors and data analytics
    Verification of as-installed position