Kevin Simpson, Coastal and Maritime Director
William Yong, Managing Director
Andy Kwok, Managing Director

National and Local Risk Management Authorities

Our team and capabilities 
Humankind has always lived with the challenge of flooding and coastal erosion. Climate change means that our need to manage the impacts and the risk of them happening is ever more regular, with a growing need to use more adaptive measures. Severe flooding incidents have led to increases in investment by governments, including the recent doubling of investment in capital schemes in England for the period 2021–2027. Many of these schemes will be delivered by Lead Local Flood Authorities, working in partnership with the Environment Agency, water companies, Internal Drainage Boards, wider stakeholders and local communities.

At Binnies, we have been working on flood risk and coastal erosion management solutions for more than 100 years. We have worked for all of the major flood and coastal Risk Management Authorities in the UK, Ireland and South-East Asia. We have teams dedicated to providing expert advice to national and local government bodies, helping them to promote sustainable, long-term solutions that best meet the needs of communities. Our team of more than 200 professionals has the required expertise to support scheme development from inception to construction. We can support studies of different shapes and sizes, from small modelling studies and flood investigations to major capital schemes and catchment-wide strategic plan development for flood and coastal risk management.

We deliver projects of all scales and complexity, with services including

  • advice and technical assurance
  • asset management planning and optimisation and asset inspections, investigations and monitoring
  • culvert and debris screen assessment and design
  • community and stakeholder engagement, including support for community flood resilience projects
  • economic and funding support
  • engineering support, from concept to detailed design and supervision
  • Strategic, Outline and Full Business case development and delivery
  • flood mapping, modelling and optioneering for all sources of flooding and including integrated catchment modelling
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems – from new developments to retrofitting schemes and evaluation of options for blue-green infrastructure at a strategic scale
  • nature based solutions – from specific schemes and studies to catchment-wide opportunity assessment
  • strategic flood-risk assessments and flood risk work to support regeneration plans
  • strategy and policy evaluation and development
  • services to Lead Local Flood Authorities, including surface water management plans, Section 19 flood investigations, local flood risk management strategies and support with statutory land drainage and planning roles.

Our presence within the RSK group, with a clear connection to a wide variety of companies delivering complementary services, sets us apart from others in the sector in the delivery of work at all scales because we can offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for our clients.

Our approach
We also relish the opportunity to bring our experience and expertise to help solve bespoke challenges, including harnessing our reputation in the water industry sector for digital innovation.

We understand the challenge of working in situations with complex organisational and governance arrangements. We have the breadth of expertise to lead the technical development of the River Thames Scheme, a project that has focused on partnership working, to deliver the largest fluvial scheme in the UK.

We use innovative solutions, including the passive reservoir level control structures at Banbury, UK, which deliver sustainable, operation-free flood flow control measures, and we work with local authorities to unlock development potential in their communities, as in Derby, UK.

In Hong Kong, we undertook a feasibility study on further enhancing the quality of coastal waters for the renowned Victoria Harbour. This involved the most extensive field survey and investigation programme of this kind ever undertaken in the city to support the government’s vision to transform the harbour into a tourist-friendly water hub.

Flood and coastal erosion risk management is constantly evolving with new ideas on how to best make use of nature-based and low-carbon solutions and ensure that solutions are developed that make the best use of the available options across a catchment or along a stretch of coastline. Engagement with local communities is essential to support them to adapt to increases in flood risk as our climate changes. Our long history in this sector has been built on understanding the options available and delivering the right solution that best meets the needs of the client and the local community.

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