Kevin Simpson, Coastal and Maritime Director
William Yong, Managing Director
Andy Kwok, Managing Director

National and Local Risk Management Authorities

Humankind has been managing the impact of river flooding and coastal erosion from the time homes were first built near water and its natural power was harnessed for transportation and industry. Climate change means that such management is occurring more frequently, and there is a growing need to use more adaptive measures. As a result, investment by governments is increasing; a typical example is the UK government, which has doubled investment in the last 6 years.

At Binnies, we have been working on flood risk and coastal erosion management solutions for more than 100 years. We have worked for all of the major risk management authorities in the UK, Ireland and South East Asia. We have teams dedicated to providing expert advice to national and local government bodies, helping them to promote sustainable long-term solutions that best meet the needs of the communities they are looking to protect. Our team of more than 200 professionals have the required expertise in hydrology; hydraulic modelling; site investigations; economic analysis; environmental appraisal; structural design; mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and automation design; buildability; construction supervision; and commissioning to provide a ‘cradle-to-grave’ service to our clients. We use innovative solutions, including the passive reservoir level control structures at Banbury, UK, which deliver sustainable, operation-free flood flow control measures, and work with local authorities to unlock development potential in their communities, as at Derby, UK. We have the breadth of expertise to lead the technical development of the River Thames Scheme, the largest fluvial scheme in the UK.

In Hong Kong, we undertook a feasibility study on further enhancing the quality of coastal waters for the renowned Victoria Harbour. This involves the most extensive field survey and investigation programme of this kind ever undertaken in the city to support the government’s vision to transform the harbour into a tourist-friendly water hub.

Flood and coastal erosion risk management is constantly evolving with new ideas on how to best make use of natural flood management techniques and low-carbon solutions, and ensure that solutions are developed that make best use of the available options across a catchment or along a stretch of coastline. Engagement with local communities is growing as it becomes more apparent that some solutions may need a more adaptive approach from those at risk. Our long history in this sector has been built on understanding the options available and delivering the right solution that best meets the needs of the client and the local community.

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