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With a growing population, our world has an increasing demand for safe and cost-effective transportation. Good sustainable transportation links that connect communities around the globe are vital for supporting commerce, business and recreational activities. Rail and shipping play a significant role in the distribution of goods and services and the increased demand on these transport modes is putting an increased strain on our transportation networks. The development and maintenance of key transportation infrastructure will be key over the coming decades to satisfy the needs of society.

We provide environmental services to the rail sector to help our clients maintain and enhance the natural and built environment while critical infrastructure is built and maintained. Our expertise covers all aspects of environmental consultancy and contracting, from surveys and site investigations through to contracting work.

In the UK, we are currently working on the High Speed 2 railway supporting the enabling works for the Phase One North Section, where we are managing thousands of ecological surveys to understand and mitigate disturbance to wildlife. Our team developed an overarching data strategy supported by bespoke data platforms to create a data-centric approach to the ecology surveys. The development of our OnSite Platform enables real-time monitoring and data validation. This is an example of true digital ecology and has enabled us to develop a more robust, timely and complete picture of the habitats through which the line will pass. Our innovative approach and OnSite Platform won the Information Management Award at the IAM Global Awards 2020.

Our digital offerings for the transport sector also include satellite-derived geospatial data capture and artificial intelligence. We have the technology to remotely monitor embankment movement for linear assets. Our engineers analyse the data and provide insights that enable us to provide an accurate dynamic assessment of embankments for movement or vegetation growth to assess the risk of disruption. This gives our clients the opportunity to proactively and cost-effectively maintain their assets.

We have a strong track record of successfully delivering projects for shipping and maritime clients and we work at ports, harbours, bulk-handling, oil-and-gas, container and cargo-handling terminals.

We are currently working with VTAS to assess the viability of sustainable fuel-efficient technologies for ocean-going vessels. VTAS provides independent and impartial advice to all parts of the coastal and international shipping sector along with comprehensive technical and commercial assessment supporting and encouraging the adoption and use of energy-saving technologies.

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