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We work on some of the most complex wastewater projects in some of the highest regulated environments in the world. We recognise that wastewater is a valuable resource for energy or nutrient recovery. We value wastewater and its potential to provide a renewable energy source, reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment for future generations. We provide innovative and emerging treatment technologies and approaches in addition to traditional engineering solutions. A key component of our approach is the optimisation of not just the asset but also the operational costs while minimising the impacts on society and the environment.

Binnies offers full-service solutions ranging from wastewater collection, conveyance and treatment through to recycling and reuse of treated wastewater. We are also undertake other aspects to satisfy clients’ wastewater management needs, including recycling of bionutrients and energy recovery. We plan and implement sustainable stormwater management systems accounting for climate change.

We deliver a range of bespoke services from the earliest stage planning support and feasibility studies through to the entire life cycle of project execution. All our services are underpinned by our digital delivery approach, including visualisations, building information modelling, intelligent piping and instrumentation diagrams, smart solutions and asset optimisation.

We are experienced in wastewater reuse and have, since the early 2000s, helped the water authority in Singapore to treat secondary treated sewage into ‘NEWater’, a high-grade potable water resource. We have successfully designed NEWater facilities of greater than 456,000-l/d capacity, 60% of the total NEWater production in Singapore.

We are also engaged in conveyancing projects, such as the complex and visionary deep tunnel sewerage system in Singapore, which is designed to meet the island country’s long-term clean water needs. In addition to a network of deep sewerage tunnels and link sewers serving the western half of Singapore, the project involves constructing the 800,000-l/d Tuas Water Reclamation Plant that will produce 114,000 l/d of NEWater in its initial phase.

We take a catchment wide approach to urban stormwater management: working with nature while taking account of major challenges such as climatic uncertainty. End-of-pipe solutions are still a necessity, so we take an innovative approach, such as the design of two large-scale underground storage tanks in Hong Kong for temporary storage of stormwater during heavy rainstorms to combat urban flooding in highly populated and mountainous areas.

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