Rachel Pether, Director of Water Utilities
William Yong, Managing Director
Andy Kwok, Managing Director

Urban stormwater management

Climate change impacts, ageing infrastructure and the increasing imperviousness of cities all raise enormous challenges and call for new ways of planning for sustainable stormwater management.

In addition to conventional stormwater management relying on piped drainage systems, Binnies has been adopting innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to help cities and government authorities manage stormwater in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner.

Binnies’ development of an integrated stormwater model of the River Poddle for South Dublin County Council in Ireland enabled an understanding of the pluvial and fluvial flood risk across the catchment. Overland flow modelling gave confidence in understanding flood extent and supported the development of mitigation options to alleviate the risk of flooding.

To tackle severe flooding in the city centre and address the additional pressures arising from climate change and increasing urbanisation, in 2009, Binnies designed the Tai Hang Tung stormwater storage scheme, the first large-scale storage tank built under existing rugby and football pitches for the purpose of flood attenuation in Hong Kong. Building on the Tai Hang Tung experience when designing the 60,000 m3 Happy Valley underground storage tank, Binnies optimised the hydraulic performance over that of the previous fixed weir design by adopting a movable crest weir system. This enables the inflow to the tank to be adjusted in real time to optimise the storage capacity. The scheme has successfully enhanced the level of flood protection and the cost-saving innovations have been recognised with multiple regional and global awards.

With reference to our extensive experience in drainage master planning and capabilities of integrated stormwater management, we have been appointed by the Hong Kong Drainage Services Department to formulate and design a barrage scheme to improve flood protection in the low-lying town of Yuen Long. The barrage scheme is designed with a stormwater conveyance capacity of 300 m3/s and a tidal barrier to combat extreme rainstorms and high tides. In addition to flood resilience, the scheme includes the development of blue-green infrastructure, which involves river revitalisation by incorporating a green environment and promoting biodiversity and water-friendly activities.

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