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Water is a precious resource that is essential for life but is under severe pressure from climate change and population growth. For over 100 years, Binnies has been at the forefront of the development of innovative and sustainable water infrastructure around the globe. We collaborate with municipal and private clients to provide the right solutions to serve their customers and community needs with a reliable and sustainable water supply. We have the capability to provide a wide range of services across the entire water cycle – from sourcing raw water, reservoirs and dams, potable water treatment and water transmission though to leakage reduction, desalination, water reuse and energy generation from water.

Our services cover the full project cycle, from planning and feasibility studies through to full-scale engineering and the procurement and construction delivery of complex water infrastructure projects. We also have the flexibility to work under various contracting structures – from traditional professional consulting to engineering, procurement and construction; design and build; design, build, own and operate; or public–private partnerships. We have a long history of continuously working with major clients around the world, including Thames Water, Singapore’s Public Utilities Board, the Hong Kong government and Manila Water, and providing innovative solutions such as energy optimisation to drive continuous improvement for their customers.

We create innovative solutions for all our projects. We offered an alternative design for the iconic Marina Barrage to cost-effectively create a freshwater reservoir in Singapore. While acting as a tidal barrier to prevent flooding, the barrage helps to boost freshwater resilience in the resource-scarce city state. The reservoir and its environment provide a beautiful venue for water-based and other recreational activities in the heart of the city. We have also designed first-of-a-kind seawater and freshwater storage caverns for water supply purposes in Hong Kong where space is always at a premium.

We develop digital solutions to solve our clients’ challenges. Using our subject matter expertise, combined with our in-house data analytical team, and, where relevant, strategic partnerships, we can drive efficiency and improve outcomes for our clients. For example, we combined Binnies’ 100 years of reservoir expertise with Rezatec’s satellite data and geospatial artificial intelligence techniques to create an intelligent dam monitoring system, iDMS. Using this product, we can deliver reservoir safety improvements and operational and commercial benefits remotely.

We also created the DamBreak tool, which we deployed when assessing Dwr Cymru Welsh Water’s dam and reservoir portfolio. DamBreak is an automated flood risk and impact quantification tool delivering reliable, repeatable, assured assessments. This tool enabled us to complete the assessment of more than 122 dams and the production of over 1000 maps. DamBreak enabled us to save 2-3 h per dam when producing hydraulic model input files.

We have successfully delivered some of the world’s largest and award-winning water supply projects, up to 1.137-MMl/d capacity in a single plant. We can treat polluted raw water using advanced technologies to produce drinking water and have been at the forefront of desalination projects for over half a century. We deliver world-class projects, including four municipal seawater desalination plants in Singapore totalling 729,000 l/d.

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