Rachel Pether, Director of Water Utilities
Cheng Kin Joe, Director, Engineering
Andy Kwok, Managing Director


For almost a century, we have designed, laid and rehabilitated thousands of kilometres of conveyance pipelines for our clients around the world. These pipelines include raw and potable water transmission lines as well as sewerage and drainage systems constructed using methods such as open trenching, pipe jacking, pipe sleeving, pipe lining and tunnelling. We undertook the option development, outline and detailed design, and construction support for Bristol Water’s Southern Strategic Support Main (SSSM) project, part of its Southern Resilience Scheme. The scheme managed redundancy, resistance, reliability, response and recovery to secure the water supply for 25% of Bristol Water’s customers supplied from their three most at-risk assets and went on to win Resilience Initiative of the Year at the 2019 Water Industry Awards.

We offer our expertise to assist clients in the initial feasibility study stage to determine the technical viability and the most cost-effective construction method for alignment with their requirements. Our Pipeline Route Optimisation Method (PROM) determines the optimal route of a linear feature through the landscape by assessing near-infinite options while balancing multiple considerations. Thousands of kilometres of pipelines have had their routes determined by PROM. As part of the scope, we engage with stakeholders through our in-house stakeholder management service offering various skills, including deliberative stakeholder management. We take care of all the statutory permitting requirements and as the project progresses we provide preliminary and detailed design services including construction management and supervision to full commissioning.

In Singapore, Binnies has been involved since 2014 with the Murnane Pipeline Project to meet future water demands and maximise limited land space. The system involves a 2200 mm concrete-lined steel potable water pipeline transmitting potable water from Murnane Service Reservoir to the city. We completed a feasibility study for the project in 2014 and were then retained by the client, PUB, to complete the detailed design and supervise the construction of the scheme. The project has overcome many challenges including varying ground conditions, from granite to marine clay; congested underground services; busy roads; and passing under the Singapore River. The project is nearing completion and additional benefits are being realised as the nature reserve has been opened for public access and reinforced to encourage better development of local flora and fauna.

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