Rachel Pether, Director of Water Utilities
William Yong, Managing Director
Andy Kwok,, Managing Director

Dams and reservoirs

Dams and reservoirs form a crucial element of society’s critical infrastructure, whether they are providing pure drinking water, clean hydroelectric energy or preventing catastrophic flooding. As sustainability becomes a key driver, the role of dams and reservoirs in the move to net zero will become ever more important. However, they also present a challenge for ensuring the safety of communities living downstream.

Binnies has played a pivotal role in the design and construction of many of the world’s most iconic dams for more than 100 years. This includes innovative projects such as the world’s first piano key bellmouth overflow at Black Esk in the UK for Scottish Water, the 300-m wide Marina Barrage in Singapore for PUB and Hong Kong’s fresh water from the sea reservoir at Plover Cove for the Water Supplies Department (WSD), Hong Kong Government. We are working with the UK Environment Agency to shape the future of reservoir safety in the UK following the 2019 Toddbrook Reservoir spillway failure and we are also working with clients such as Irish Water and Hong Kong’s WSD to provide expert advice on their dam safety strategies.

Binnies’ global reservoir team continues to thrive and provide technical expertise in dam engineering and reservoir safety across the world. Our team includes All Reservoir Panel Engineers, Service Reservoir Panel Engineers and Supervising Engineers, as well as dam experts in geotechnical engineering, hydraulics and hydrology, and structural engineering.

Binnies is leading the reservoir industry’s digital transformation with its intelligent dam monitoring system, iDMS. Following the launch of this product in early 2021, we are working with clients such as the UK’s Canal and Rivers Trust to harness the power of satellite technology to proactively manage reservoir safety. This enables dam owners to better understand their assets, improve risk management and realise operational and commercial benefits. iDMS will bring long-term resilience to dam safety for dam owners across the globe.

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