Stuart White, Head of Leakage Services

Network services

At Binnies, we provide a consolidated view of water networks, supporting clients to optimise performance across a holistic suite of metrics with an emphasis on leakage reduction.

Our leakage services team has decades of water sector experience and knowledge of other industries, such as rail, power, utilities and waste management. This experience is used to advise clients at all levels of their organisations on how best to optimise leakage management across all stages of the leak life cycle. We have significant capability in assessing operational performance across water networks and designing and implementing strategic plans to improve performance. Combined with their experience in providing consultancy services, our staff have held operational and strategic roles within water companies and have successfully delivered leakage reduction programmes.

Our experts will work effectively with your key stakeholders to drive significant performance improvements that will enable you to meet your desired business outcomes. With our consolidated view of network operations and performance, we bring best practice, added value and innovation through:

  • assessing leakage reporting practices and identifying areas for improving the leakage position
  • our data analytics capabilities, including processing large sets of data, identifying trends and predicting outcomes and designing customised
  • dashboards and bespoke digital tools for leakage targeting and prioritisation
  • an agile approach, through sprints to respond quickly and efficiently to needs and to identify problems and solutions
  • design thinking workshops to facilitate collaboration and generate ideas for efficiency in leakage management and to provide insights
  • the delivery of leakage transformation plans.

Our services cover:

  • regulatory assurance and water balance improvements
  • leakage policy, strategy and planning
  • investment optimisation and business case development
  • operational process mapping and improvement
  • leakage analysis and operability studies
  • pressure management
  • assessment of capabilities and training needs
  • the implementation of digital tools.

Our team also works closely with our strategic partners to deliver a range of unique and innovative digital solutions to clients. Our offerings include:

  • AI Leak Detection Service in partnership with FIDO Tech Ltd: The solution enables clients to improve leakage detection efficiency through greater accuracy from acoustic monitoring and informs repair prioritisation through its unique leak sizing capability. A fully automated process analyses thousands of acoustic sound files instantly, providing standardised daily outputs to deliver operational leakage improvements.
  • Intelligent Condition Assessment Service in partnership with KenWave Solutions Inc: Our joint service offering provides an industry-leading analytical approach to pipeline asset condition assessment. KenWave’s Tonal Pipe Assessment™ (TPA) acoustic tool incorporates recognition technology and patented analytics to generate world-leading accuracy, providing non-invasive field survey condition assessments for pipes of any material or diameter. This provides detailed, reliable condition information for individual 5–10 metre pipe segments with no service disruption or risk of damage, enabling scalable, data-driven maintenance and investment strategies.
  • Smart Networks in partnership with iVapps: We can provide an end-to-end solution that enables water companies to de-risk the digitalisation of their networks. Intelligent portals provide future-proof monitoring capability combined with leading-edge integration and analytics to deliver dynamic insight into network behaviour and asset performance. This flexible and sustainable digital approach enables the water sector to utilise the full potential of the data it already has. iVapps’ industry-leading, low-carbon, self-powered digital portal delivers fully configurable multi-parameter monitoring in near-real time. Owing to non-invasive sensor cartridges, sensors can be seamlessly updated as technology advances or business requirements change over time, while the portal can provide a no-excavation pipeline isolation within 15 minutes.

The leakage services team combines our engineering and consultancy services with our digital products and services to create an arena for our industry-leading partners to work with us to provide a suite of products and services to meet our clients’ needs.

Binnies is part of the RSK group of companies

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