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We live in an ever more connected world where adapting to volatility and uncertainty is now a way of life. Organisations are facing a variety of multifaceted challenges that include improving operational efficiency through greater resilience and the demand to build sustainable businesses that tackle the most important environmental and well-being challenges our planet faces. To address these challenges, companies need to look at how they manage their assets holistically.

Our clients are challenged by ageing infrastructure, ineffective data management and unnecessary spending on maintenance, which means there is a need for clearly defined strategies with systems and processes that enable effective implementation of best practice.

We provide digital solutions and services that help our clients to prioritise investment decisions by leveraging data and information to create the insights needed to make forward-looking risk-based decisions.

As companies strive to become more data-driven, it can be increasingly difficult to make decisions that deliver the best long-term value, so this is why our asset management business unit offers a full life-cycle approach that brings together strategy, finance, engineering, data and technology. We provide advice and solutions for all asset systems or facilities. Our digital products and services team will help you to realise the full value from your assets.

We work across a range of sectors. Our asset management experts support clients to set strategies, create effective asset plans, optimise their investments, manage risks, lower costs and improve performance. Binnies is a corporate member of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and an IAM-Endorsed Trainer and Assessor.

We are currently working on Yorkshire Water’s Dynamic Maintenance Planning Programme, which is one of the first and largest programmes of its kind undertaken by a UK water utility. We have produced a condition-based maintenance programme based on failure modes, with operation and maintenance (O&M) buy-in. This approach means that time and money are focused on ensuring process and asset outputs are maintained.

Innovative use of mobile technology has also yielded benefits. iPads with Bluebeam software have enabled live asset survey findings and piping and instrumentation diagram updates to be uploaded to a dynamic asset database. O&M teams in the field are using mobile devices to access the condition-based maintenance programme, which guides their activities, and are recording and uploading condition reports in real time. The initial indications show about a 30% decrease in reactive O&M.

In Denmark, we are working with leading water utility Aarhus Vand to create a digital blueprint that will form a link between digital initiatives and short-, medium- and long-term business objectives, thereby helping to ensure that the company exploits digital technology to achieve sustainable growth.


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