Operations and Maintenance

The effective operation and maintenance of assets sounds like a simple concept, but putting that concept into an effective reality takes a real commitment to embark on what can at times be a tough journey.

At Binnies, our asset management team is highly experienced in supporting our partners on their asset management journeys, working collaboratively to achieve effective and sustainable change.

Our operations and maintenance services team is skilled in the development and implementation of effective, dynamic and proactive operations and maintenance strategies.

At the heart of our vision is the transformation towards a digitally enabled, proactive maintenance position, using innovative, effective technology to support that transformation and enhance and not undermine the value of skilled maintenance technicians.

We believe in a full asset management journey and we believe in our ability to support our partners every step of the way: from understanding the asset base through to the generation and implementation of a revised asset management plan, inclusive of, but not limited to, operations and maintenance schedules, resource needs and capital investment opportunities.

Operations and Maintenance Operations and Maintenance

Digital asset data capture

In order to embark on an effective asset management journey, you must first understand your assets. It is widely understood across most resource-intensive industries that the knowledge and understanding of the assets on a site is often far from where it needs to be to effectively manage them. Binnies has embarked on a number of digital asset data capture surveys for several water and wastewater companies. On average, we capture around 30% more assets than are on the existing database, resulting not only in an up-to-date database that enables effective maintenance, but also increasing the residual value of the business significantly as a result.

3D photogrammetry surveys

We have all used Google Street View, but what about using the same concept to traverse your own site? This would enable customers or clients to walk your site from the comfort of their own homes or offices, or even with a virtual reality headset if you want! Our 3D photogrammetry surveys enable you to do this and much more. Some of the benefits seen by our partners are the ability to plan work in advance of a site visit, reviewing space, crane-safe working loads, vehicle and pedestrian access and many more. All this can be done without actually having to attend site, reducing unnecessary travel, saving fuel costs and moving towards a greener, more efficient operational position.

Reliability-centred maintenance

Using our team of qualified reliability engineers with vast experience in many industries, our operations and maintenance team has developed innovative methods of carrying out maintenance reviews for a variety of industries, each time tailoring the process to meet the specific needs of our partners.

In one case, we have used a brand new method of carrying out failure mode, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) studies, documented in the thought leadership piece below, and have completed over 1400 sites in timescales that would only traditionally see a handful completed. The method for completing these can be replicated for any water or wastewater company, enabling Binnies to drive proactive change across an entire estate of sites rather than just those one or two most critical.

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The benefit of moving an entire estate through the FMECA process and onto an improved maintenance plan is that it all moves together, and therefore everyone goes on the journey at the same time. It is all too common for a single site or a small number of sites to carry out FMECA studies and improve their localised performance but over time, drift back to the old ways of working, returning to the same position as the rest of the business. Moving everyone together prevents that from happening and is a sure-fire way to jump-start that asset management journey with a new, fit-for-purpose and bespoke maintenance programme for each site.

Maintenance strategies

Moving a business along an asset management journey aligned with the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) asset management structure almost always requires a review of the operations and maintenance strategies and often an update to ensure the corporate vision for the business aligns with the journey it has embarked on.

Our asset management consultants are experts in generating strategies at all levels – corporate or local – and they can work collaboratively to generate strategies from an advisory position to support or develop a business’s full revised strategy if necessary. Our consultants are qualified through the IAM, and the Binnies asset management function is an endorsed assessor and trainer.

Condition-based monitoring

At Binnies, we believe the future of asset management is very much digitally enabled, and underpinning our asset management team are our digital products and services that support our teams in delivering innovative services or new products that support businesses on their asset management journey.

We in operations and maintenance believe firmly in the benefits of condition-based monitoring (CBM) and the value this has in the effective and efficient operation and maintenance of assets. We believe not just in managing the critical assets through localised infrastructure, but also in the holistic business-wide management of the entire asset base through effective CBM.

We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced consultants that can review site position and advise on the most suitable level of CBM, be it for a single asset or an entire company strategy change.

Within the operations and maintenance function, we are continually on the lookout for innovations in the digital maintenance field and potential collaborations with like-minded people and companies. We have the RSK group of companies available to support us on our projects and it’s this unique position that enables Binnies to deliver such a variety of unique projects efficiently and effectively.

Binnies is part of the RSK group of companies

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