Construction supervision

The construction of a water infrastructure project is often complex and involves many stakeholders. Competent construction supervision is essential to ensure that the relevant construction work, resources and dependencies are being delivered and tracked in an accurate and timely manner.

At Binnies, we keep the project focused on the outlined objectives and supervise the implementation to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of outcomes. Our construction supervision deliverables include contract administration and site supervision. We often take on the role of a superintending officer to manage the critical timeline, budget, contract matters and compliance with design and safety responsibilities, among many others in such projects.

Additionally, our scope can include compiling construction documentation, tracking contractor progress and performance, and cashflow projections. Our responsibility also extends to supervising the construction work to ensure compliance with contract specifications and approved drawings, and the inspection and witness testing of materials, machinery and plants at the place of manufacture.

Projects executed in major cities have specific additional challenges. In Singapore, our expert team working on the Murnane Pipeline project oversaw the project and managed the community engagement and wider stakeholders to ensure successful and timely completion. Our team also deals with public complaints, claims and/or emergencies, and liaises with insurers where required to support a smooth workflow without disruption to communities.

As a project approaches delivery, our team will supervise the testing and commissioning of the project on-site. This work includes preparing a commissioning programme, testing checklists, inspection and test procedures, and a detailed testing and commissioning plan for the project. After commissioning, our team will inspect for and outline defects for rectification during a thorough follow-up before they prepare the final account for a complete handover.

In undertaking construction supervision for your project, Binnies also will provide office-based engineering support that fulfils the statutory requirement of providing a Professional Engineer registered with the professional engineers’ board of the country where the project is delivered in the relevant discipline in which the project is categorised. We provide reviews of and responses to technical clarifications and support to site supervisory staff during the examination and approval of technical proposals submitted by contractors. Our team will also execute applications to obtain approvals from relevant agencies to progress the project in accordance with local codes and regulations.

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