Archaeological and heritage services

Heritage and archaeology provide an important window into our past and should be safeguarded for future generations. There is also significant protection provided to heritage and archaeological sites through a range of legislation and planning policy in the UK and around the world. For construction projects, this means that there can be a complex path to tread between protecting and learning from the past, and delivering the present.

Binnies has an excellent track record of incorporating archaeological and heritage services into our projects; from inception and appraisal to delivery on the ground, and subsequent recording and interpretation. We ensure that archaeological and heritage interests are considered from the outset and incorporated into project planning, design and delivery. We have extensive experience of working on sites of archaeological and heritage interest, and understanding the constraints these present, as well as the opportunities. Our landscape team work closely with heritage experts to ensure that historic landscape issues and the character and setting of heritage assets are understood, assessed and fully considered in the design process.

The Our City Our River flood alleviation project followed the River Derwent through the centre of Derby and required flood defences in areas with rich cultural heritage, including the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, a scheduled roman fort and the scheduled St Mary’s Bridge, along with many listed buildings and several conservation areas. Working closely with Historic England and local stakeholders, we ensured that, where possible, the scheme avoided negative effects and delivered an improved interpretation of the historic environment. Such was the success of the archaeological mitigation strategy that the project is viewed by Historic England as a template for best practice in dealing with the challenges of integrating archaeological requirements.

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