Stakeholder engagement

We tailor stakeholder engagement solutions to help our clients to develop and maintain effective relationships by understanding stakeholder expectations in order to address concerns and enhance brand reputations. Using our highly experienced team of engagement specialists, Binnies strives to ensure that stakeholders feel they have had an adequate opportunity to inform the decision-making process. Importantly, we aim to ensure that they feel they have been listened to and understood. We facilitate positive, constructive and collaborative engagement.

Our integrated stakeholder engagement, digital and creative services teams enable us to design and deliver engagement programmes and multi-channel communication strategies to technical and non-technical audiences throughout the project life cycle. We design stakeholder engagement programmes based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and project requirements.

Binnies has a range of engagement specialists with the necessary skills and experience to facilitate positive, constructive and, where appropriate, collaborative stakeholder engagement in the successful delivery of projects. Our specialists include trained facilitators, communicators and public relations, marketing and media relations professionals.

Whether your project is large or small, we can undertake stakeholder engagement for you. Starting with stakeholder segmentation, we will ensure that you are talking to the right people and developing targeted communication plans to reach your audience, especially those who are affected by your project or have an interest in or influence over its successful outcome. We can, and do, design and deliver one-to-one meetings, interviews, discussion workshops, forums, digital visualisations, websites, surveys and public exhibitions for local, regional and nationally significant projects.

We have developed and implemented stakeholder engagement plans for more than 70 water and energy sector projects across the UK and internationally. Our engagement methods commonly include
1. conducting targeted one-to-one meetings and interviews with a broad range of stakeholders (commonly authorities, landowners and operators)
2. designing and delivering discussion workshops and forums to draw out views on project options and work towards consensus on preferred approaches
3. getting feedback from developers and operators on piloting new tools and approaches
4. developing publicly available information in a visually effective and readable format for marketing, briefing papers and broader engagement purposes.

Clients benefiting from our stakeholder engagement services include planning and delivery for the Ardee, Dundalk and Blackrock flood relief scheme for the Office for Public Works in Ireland; the Dinas Dinlle and Foryd Bay schemes for Natural Resources Wales; and planning development consent order (DCO) consultation planning for the Environment Agency’s River Thames nationally significant infrastructure project (NSIP) and the TE2011 replacement Thames Barrier project.

Using the latest technology, our digital creative services team curate digital engagement experiences for both internal and external stakeholder engagement using 2D and 3D ArcGIS storymaps, augmented and virtual reality, and the latest digital technologies. We have produced a fly-through video for the River Thames Scheme and an award-winning ArcGIS storymap for East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Burton Washlands.

We will always capture, analyse, share and report stakeholder insight to support evidence-based decision-making. We believe better stakeholder engagement creates better outcomes – for you, your stakeholders and your reputation.

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